Annapolis to Deltaville May 4, 2022

Katy and I received our initial training on Gaysie at the Hinckley dock in Annapolis. After delivery, Gaysie was commissioned at nearby in Whitehall, then brought to the Hinckley Sales Office dock by Shane Dowsland. He is our trainer, and an excellent trainer to be sure. We covered an amazing amount of material in three days. Jon Bullock, Sales Director in Annapolis made every aspect of our stay there great. Because weather was getting worse over the week, Shane volunteered to use day three of our training to cruise down to Deltaville with us. Here is Shane as we are departing for Deltaville. Photo by Jon Bullock.

As it turned out, the visibility kept declining. As a result, we got an hour or so of 1/10-1/2 mile visibility. This gave us good radar experience. I have a pretty good radar background, but Shane from Maine lives in the fog much of the year. We learned some really great low visibility practical lessons from him on this cruise. We broke out of the fog with about 30 minutes to go. So, not many photos, but this is what I shot: