Round Top From Boar’s Head

First hike to Round Top was Tuesday, August 31, 2021. We departed from 31 Ednam, made a few detours and explorations adding up to 4.92 miles.

Katy and I followed the All Trails map, more or less except around the pond/green that was abandoned with the golf course renovation. On return we investigated the Rescue/Maintenance access trail (to the golf cart path), the old cemetery.

Stay to the SE of small pond with abandoned green island, don’t take the Muddy Trail after rain

Photos from this hike

Interesting diversions:

  1. Side Trail to Old Cemetery
  2. Muddy Trail around the pond around abandoned golf green
  3. Trail that cuts off to Foxhaven Farm
  4. Nearing Round Top there is evidence of mineral prospecting. Lots of scattered pieced of white quartz.
  5. Shelters built at Round Top many years ago, probably for hunters or scouts.